Find out what is happening in Galicia

Galicia is an autonomous community of Spain. It has its own culture: language, customs, mythology, its own history, beautiful landscapes, beaches, etc but the rulers want to destroy all this by old prejudices that have remained since the Franco dictatorship. Imagine… want to disappear a language because according to them it means nothing! For this reason, there is a current battle so that it does not disappear all this and so was born the Organization “Mesa pola normalización Lingüística” whose aim main is the struggle to stay the Galician. There are also other organizations with the same struggle. We don’t want to lose to Galicia because it is not like the others as well as other countries with their customs and culture, which make it unique. That is why it is so important for us to continue to fight for Galicia. Why I made this blog to spread culture, trade and you do lack so that this region is not forgotten! To know more than this situation please contact me at the email: (Email for personal use, is not supported advertising). Thanks for your interest!

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